Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Angela Friedman corsets? (Part II)

If you haven't read Part I of this article yet, I recommend starting here where we discuss fit, materials, structure, steel boning, and no wrinkles. And now to begin where we left off...  What other details really matter in the world of high-end corsets?

1.  Design details

It's all in the details!  Certainly there are hundreds of corsetmakers who create lovely pieces in plain coutil or black dupioni silk or cotton sateen...  But how many add in hand embroidery and beading, insert French leavers lace, and perfectly mirror the patterns of Italian brocades over the busk and grommets?

Angela Friedman corsets are meant to be noticed!  These garments have dozens of hand details, are precisely cut one-at-a-time, and are lovingly crafted, taking the time to do it right.  Our corsets include many "add-ons" as standard: modesty plackets, underbusk flaps (see photo), pattern matching, embroidered flossing, decorative garters and loops, contrast stitching and trimmings...

2.  Beautiful Inside and Out

The design details you see on the outside of a corset aren't all that matter though...  What about the interior?  Isn't the part that directly touches your skin the most important?

We understand how uncomfortable (and unattractive!) poorly-finished linings are, so we always focus on the interior of the garments too.  Our corsets are always fully lined or cleanly interlined so that there are no chafing seams exposed to the body.  The bindings on the top and bottom edges are neatly stitched, the fronts and backs are cleanly faced, and you're guaranteed to be just as happy with how it looks flat on a table!

3.  Comfort

Speaking of chafing seams, we get why some people can be afraid to try on a corset for the first time.  Perhaps they've heard the horror stories or tried on an ill-fitting corset in the past - once burned, twice shy!

Well, if the picture on the left doesn't convince you that corsets can be comfortable, I'm not sure if anything will.  Yes, corsets are tight and can dramatically alter your body shape.  But that doesn't mean that you can't breathe, or that you'll break a rib, or that you can't sit/walk/run/exist as a normal person.  Your comfort should always be a concern, and so we really pride ourselves on making garments that not only make you look good, but make you feel good as well.  So go ahead, try the cartwheel!

4.  Investment

It's probably no surprise to you that these corsets don't run cheap.  We like to think of them as an investment.  You invest in things that may be costly up front, but you put the time, thought, research, and money into them because you know that they will maintain a level of value to you.  Like any investment, these corsets are built to last.

Unlike inexpensive trendy styles that come and go through the seasons (and will likely break down before they come back into style again), Angela Friedman corsets are meant to be cherished and worn for years.  There is a great deal of work put into the construction of the corsets so that they can be worn for hours upon hours, easily cleaned, and that even a decade later, they're as good as new.

The designer's background in theater and ballet have especially informed the technical aspects of their construction: If a ballerina can put a corset through 8 shows of a week of pirouettes, leaps, and sweat, then certainly an average woman can't wear it out!


Hopefully these articles have given you a bit more insight on what goes into these beautiful corsets.  It's truly a labor of love for me, and I'm always glad that my corsets are well-loved by the wearer too!

Wishing you silk and lace and all things lovely,
Angela Friedman

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  1. Your corsets are beautiful! I can't attest to how they feel but they definitely look pretty from what I can see :)