Saturday, April 27, 2013

Corset Merchandising for Retailers

We've just teamed up with Ali Cudby of Fab Foundations and The Lingerie Journal to do a series of articles on corset merchandising for boutiques and stores.  As Ali states, "With the right corsetiere, a little education and some spirit of adventure, corsets are a great addition for lingerie retailers!"  Take a look at these great guides to buying, displaying, targeting customers, and selling corsets:

"When a retailer decides to add corsets to their product mix, it’s time to examine the best ways to buy, merchandise and – of course – sell these lovelies.  Once you’ve made the investment in corsets, it’s important to show them off to their best advantage." - Corsets:  Keys to Buying, Merchandising, and Selling

"Having the vocabulary to discuss with the manufacturer can save time, avoid miscommunications and improve the overall transaction. Check out the attached glossary to learn more." - Corset Glossary

What are your questions about buying and selling corsets?  Is there anything we didn't cover in the articles?  Let us know!

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