Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mad About Mad Men (Part 1: Megan Draper)

Since its premiere in 2007, Mad Men has received critical acclaim for bringing the iconic 1960’s back to life. The women of the show represent the changing social norms and a newly found empowerment through fashion. Starting with Megan Draper, we're going to pay homage to Mad Men by showing garments worn on the show and their modern day equivalents!

Lingerie in particular shows the liberation of the leading women through the variety of color, styles, and body shapes. The lingerie pieces of the 60’s were innovative for their time, yet they still inspire the undergarments of today.

Costume designer Janie Bryant told Stylelist about her work on Mad Men: "Costume design is about telling the story of the character through costume, I don't approach the costume design about trends. It's about maintaining the truth of the character."
Megan first appears in the show as a young receptionist at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. Throughout the series her personality changes from a girl with her head in the clouds to a sophisticated woman. It’s exciting to see her transformation especially because it comes through in her wardrobe and style. 

The Babydoll

Babydoll 60's Ad                  Jessica Paré
The baby doll burst on the scene in the 1960’s due to icons like Twiggy sporting this chic style. The baby doll style was risqué, with lengths barely touching the mid-thigh. This garment represents the end of traditional social ideals for women’s fashion.

Modern lingerie equivalents to these daring fashions
Angela Friedman            Maison Close            Fleur of England
Angela Friedman’s modern spin on a sexy negligee is this transparent grey romper that leaves little to the imagination! Maison Close’s sheer slip emphasizes the body’s curves with a fishnet design. Fleur of England’s babydoll is beautifully crafted with French lace cups and a flowing silk skirt. Each of these daring and sexy designs would be fitting for a modern Megan Draper!


How do you feel about Megan's modern and feminine style? Join us next time for a peek into Peggy Olson's wardrobe - thanks for reading!

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