Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mad About Mad Men (Part 2: Peggy Olson)

Since its premiere in 2007, Mad Men has received critical acclaim for bringing the iconic 1960’s back to life. The women of the show represent the changing social norms and a newly found empowerment through fashion. Because we're obsessed with the show even in the off-season, we're going to pay homage to Mad Men by showing garments worn on the show and their modern day equivalents!

Peggy is a titillating character on Mad Men because she embodies the challenges that discrimination placed on women in the work place in the 1960’s. Olson proves her extraordinary worth when she is promoted to copywriter, the first female writer at the firm since World War II.

Janie Bryant's inspiration for the character's clothing comes from that storyline: “...Peggy is more old-fashioned in the cut of her garments. Her clothing has a look of innocence and coming into this world, where she's learning so much and seeing all these things happening with the men and the women in the office. So her costume reflects that.”

Brassiere & Panties
Bra & Panty Ad                       Elisabeth Moss
What would be more perfect than pairing Peggy’s personality with the classic brassiere and panties? This lingerie set has a long history. The bra and panty prove - from the endless sizes, materials and styles - that everyone is unique and not made to fit one particular mold. In this time period especially, lingerie began to evolve rapidly.  “Women began demanding that lingerie manufacturers create lines of lingerie to make their form look more feminine during the 1960's. They felt underwear of their time was restricting and created to distort the female figure. They succeeded and panties began to evolve into something soft and pretty.”  -Kelly Spies

 Fortnight                                Freya                       Samantha Chang
Fortnight is well known for their classic longline bras and easy-to-wear panties:  Here we have a lively orange set with a lace band that is both wild and very chic!  Freya's Deco moulded bra and high-waisted panty offers a "Peggy option" for a fuller bustline.  And who wouldn't fall in love with that sweet creamy color with the floral detailing?  Samantha Chang’s strapless lace trim bra and sheer panties are modern undergarments with feminine lace detailing, with wide bands of Japanese lace.

As a special bonus, we'd like to show you an up-and-coming design from Angela Friedman's new Spring/Summer 2014 collection!  These designs won't be on sale until the new year, but we can at least share a sneak peek with you.  This style of our new Natalie longline bralette, garter belt, and panty would be perfect for Peggy Olson.  It features overlays of delicate french lace and daring sheer stretch mesh for the ultimate in comfort and confidence!
Can't wait until the new collection comes out?

How do you feel about these selections for Peggy, the modern woman of the show? Join us next time for a peek into Betty Francis's wardrobe - thanks for reading!

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