Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mad About Mad Men (Part 3: Betty Francis)

Since its premiere in 2007, Mad Men has received critical acclaim for bringing the iconic 1960’s back to life. The women of the show represent the changing social norms and a newly found empowerment through fashion. Because we're obsessed with the show even in the off-season, we're going to pay homage to Mad Men by showing garments worn on the show and their modern day equivalents!

Betty is a blonde beauty that is emotionally naive and struggling to find her place in the world as a wife and mother. Throughout the seasons, we peek into Betty’s intimate life and see her demons and how she chooses to handle them.  Her recent weight issues especially display her insecurity and isolation from those around her.  In her image-based world, she has trouble viewing herself with any confidence at all until she sheds the extra pounds and fits into her old clothing again.  The pressures of body image in the 1960’s are hardly different than we see in the mainstream media today, and we can all sympathize with the stigma she endures.  

1960's Hosiery Ad                                            January Jones

As the hemlines of dresses rose higher, women began wearing more fashionable hosiery to cover their bare legs. Stockings became de rigueur, along with the alluring garter belt. We've seen Betty in her unmentionables several times in the show - and with those fabulous legs, stockings are the perfect accessory for Betty Francis fans. We envision Betty wearing this lingerie because these pieces help make us feel confident and sexy in our own skin.

Kiki de Montparnasse           Angela Friedman                                Bordelle

These three lingerie designs stand out for their creative shapes and modern twists on traditional garments. Kiki de Montparnasse is known for the ultra-sexy style exhibited by this bodysuit - we suggest high heels to complete the look!  Angela Friedman's classic-fit lingerie sets frequently feature garter belts to play on that 1960’s vibe. Bordelle adds a little spice to the standard lingerie set by contrasting bold fuchsia silk to the black mesh.

Which of these styles pique your (Betty-inspired) fancy?  Which other designers would you add to the list?
Join us next time for a peek into Joan Holloway's wardrobe - thanks for reading!

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