Monday, September 23, 2013

Dive into Spring 2014 : Futuristic Exuberance with an Edge

New York, London, Paris and Milan gave us the first glimpse of what fashion will look in the near future. The runways were nothing short of grand! This season, our favorite powerhouse designers gave us an unexpected twist by demonstrating classic feminine styles and another extreme of a modernist future. Both concepts exploded on the runways, building up anticipation for spring. Now we are pleased to not only show you these trends but also highlight which lingerie styles coordinate best with these concepts.  Today, we're finishing our notes on SS14 with the theme Futuristic Exuberance with an Edge:

Futuristic Exuberance with an Edge - On the Runways

Jeremy Scott
This season, jaws literally dropped as Jeremy Scott gave spectators an out-of-this-world experience. Mathew Schneier, reporter of says, “The show began with a beep of technical disturbance.” If by disturbance, he meant pure brilliance... then, yes!  With leather briefs, a cardigan jacket, and matching leather booties, he used a color scheme of old television test patterns. In this daring new collection, Scott lets us envision the 1950’s transitioning into the 1960’s again in 2013 - what a treat! 

Bottega Veneta
Impressionism, modernity, and fashion were the three focal points that brought Tomas Maier’s Spring 2014 Collection in Milan to life. Fabrics were executed with great technicality, adding luxurious volume to the collection. There was minimal but careful placement of print and color, augmenting the intricate fabric choices.  One of our favorites was the use of cotton interwoven with copper! The metal threads made remarkable ruffles that detailed the hips of a short skirt. Bottega Veneta's signature look was a black wrap skirt with a vibrant waist that was paired with a simple white button-down. Maier pulled off a modern line with seeming effortlessness that added intensity to his clothes along with a strange sweetness. We were glad to see something completely different from the previous 1950’s-inspired retro Fall show.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford certainly didn't fall short of his impeccable storytelling skills when he depicted this runway masterpiece. Beginning with that unique lustful desire that defines all of his collections, this season Tom Ford added in a “toxic” spin of distorted shapes and spider-like patterns. The show began with a beautiful broad-shoulder leather blazer, but soon after, the style melted into his ultra-chic urban feel.  Ford is constantly a step ahead of the rest, always knowing what to produce in our “cut-loose era.” 

Futuristic Exuberance with an Edge - in Lingerie
        Bordelle                          Cadolle                    Angela Friedman

These cutting edge garments give you the right kind of style to face the uncertain future! Bordelle is always ahead of the game with their sleek bandage corset that offers you that empowering street feel in the bedroom- Tom Ford style, isn't it?  Classic French lingerie brand Cadolle brings their pieces to life with a strong, confident model in satin and lace, and Angela Friedman's model bares it all with a minimalist corset that's just made for the modern vixen!  Dirty Pretty Things and Lascivious Lingerie both give us a playful update on the colors of the season with strong cut-out and outlined motifs.  And Karolina Laskowska ends the lot with her daring and strappy lingerie number that just screams Jeremy Scott. What fun!

The Spring 2014 runways have been nothing short of a spectacle with new emerging themes that truly have no limits. Just as easily as nontraditional materials like copper and stiff leather have taken to the runways, lingerie has crept into the world of fashion, working together to push the boundaries of street style.

The brands that we've featured here are the ones that really speak to us and tell us a story.  Which other brands would you include in your style future?  Thanks for reading!

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