Friday, October 18, 2013

The real value of Handmade Lingerie

Over at The Lingerie Addict, I've contributed two guest posts recently about running a small business within the lingerie industry. I really wanted to help educate people about the real costs and value behind handmade clothing - I hope you enjoy the read!

This two part series will explore the real costs of handmade lingerie, as well as the true costs of running a handmade lingerie business. 

Believe it or not, every garment you’re wearing right now (or have ever worn, for that matter), was made by a pair of hands. Or several pairs of hands. But there are no magical machines that take in a bolt of fabric and spit out a robe! There are sewing machines but there are no sewing machine robots. So this leads to the ultimate question… Who made your lingerie? Don’t worry, I won’t begin a guilt-ridden tirade on sweatshops overseas, on underpaid and overworked laborers – we’ve all read the news headlines about conditions in factories overseas. We all know the true “price” of our fast fashion clothing.

But why then, are independent designers constantly asked, “Why are your designs so expensive?” At first, it was difficult for me to not take offense at the notion. It was never an attack on me personally, on the quality of my products, or on my moral integrity as a price-decider! But what I quickly realized was that people actually didn’t know. In our modern world of technology, we have become completely removed from basic processes like building a house, growing food, and sewing clothing. People genuinely have no idea what time, effort, and money it cost to create a piece of clothing from start to finish.


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What do you think of these two articles?  Did they change how you feel about shopping from independent brands?  What are your thoughts on the relationship between "fast fashion" and independent designers?

Wishing you silk, lace, and all things lovely!
-Angela Friedman

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