Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

I know how hard it can be to shop for lingerie, especially for someone else.  We've all seen countless gift guides listing the perfect things for the lady in your life.  But we also know that all ladies are not alike! When it comes to personal style, there are so many good options... So where to begin?  This year, I thought it might be fun to create a little gift guide for different personality types.  Below you will find varied choices for all the women in your life, from mild to daring and feminine to androgynous, and prices from as low as $30!  Enjoy!

The Bold Immortal
The Bold Immortal is a woman who is completely fearless.  She's impulsive and unafraid, doesn't shy away from challenges, and she knows what she likes (and will tell you!).  This is the type of woman who might appreciate delicate things, but she needs a wardrobe to withstand her active lifestyle and daring adventures.  She can definitely rock a corset or a comfy lingerie or lounge set - but whichever style, it has to be as strong as she is!
1: Jacqueline robe, $335.  2: Holly corset, $565.  3: Elle bralette, panty, and garter belt, $65-$95.
4: Pivoine bralette and thong, $60-$95.  5: Cecile corset, $775.

The Gentle One
Almost the polar opposite is the Gentle One.  She is more soft-spoken and mild-mannered, but don't mistake that for timidness!  She has a special sort of understated beauty, and when she does open up to share her thoughts, she tends to leave the room speechless.  She is a careful planner and a giver, and always a fantastic hostess.  For her, we recommend selecting gifts that engage this gentle side, especially with soft fabrics like silk georgette and crepe-de-chine.
 1: Iris robe, $325.  2: Orchid waspie, $190.  3: Dentelle 3 piece lingerie set, $275.
4: Genevieve slip, $272.  5: Edwardian corset, $585.

The Frilly Lady
The Frilly Lady is froufy, girly, and extravagant - and she's completely unapologetic about it!  She loves ruffles and floral prints, the most delicate of laces, and wearing her heart on her sleeve.  She won't hesitate to offer her opinion on all things feminine (or photos of her cat / lapdog / Hello Kitty toaster).  When asked what she would like for the Holidays, she invariably responds "Anything pink!"  If you're shopping for a Frilly Lady, you're lucky because lingerie is the obvious choice - and she's guaranteed to love whatever you choose!
1: Clarice bralette, $105.  2: Ruffled panties, $248.  3: Holly slip, $230.
4: Genevieve camisole, $184.  5: Pivoine slip, $215.

 The Mystique
Cloaked in intrigue is the Mystique.  You can always tell that there are secrets hiding behind that unobtrusive facade.  She has a shadowy personality and her husky voice can melt your heart with only a few words.  The Mystique always has you under her thumb, and for some reason, you don't even mind.  You'd follow her to the ends of the earth for a chance to uncover the mystery - but it might help your case to bring a few fabulous lingerie pieces with you!  The Mystique's style always includes laces and sheer pieces, the delicate mesh adding just one more impenetrable layer to her already-hidden heart.
 1: Soir eye mask, $30.  2: Clair de Lune corset, $690.  3: Dentelle slip, $325.
4: Orchid corset, $490.  5: Clair de Lune robe, $265.

The Strong and Silent
The Strong and Silent may not tell you that she wants lingerie for the Holidays, but if you surprise her with one of these pieces, you might just break down that barrier a little!  She's always the woman behind-the-scenes, quietly running the show.  She may not be one for the limelight, but her strength is in this humble attitude and no-nonsense demeanor.  It's safest to stick with the basics for the Strong and Silent: she's probably the most comfortable wearing black in classic styles.
1: Minuit bralette, panty, and garter belt, $65-$95.  2: Overbust corset, $475.  3: Pivoine slip, $215.
4: Jacqueline slip, $215.  5: Elle garter belt and panties, $65-$85.

I hope you've enjoyed this Holiday gift guide and that you'll find something for every special woman on your list!  Season's greetings from Angela Friedman, Inc!

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