Saturday, August 23, 2014

This one's for the men...

Alright gentlemen, raise your hands...  Who here is afraid of buying lingerie for your significant other?  (I'm guessing it's nearly all of you.)  Many women are under-educated about the world of lingerie, so it's no wonder that their partners are even more curious / terrified.

But it's ok- Don't worry!  At Angela Friedman, we provide a beautiful lingerie shopping experience for everyone.  So whether you're an old pro, or you don't know the difference between a garter belt and a corset, we've got you covered.  We've previously published a basic Personal Shopping Guide, but I thought we might want to expand that section with a bit more detail.  So here's your ultimate guide for how to lingerie shop for the love of your life:


First things first:  Size is tricky.  If you think you know her size off the bat, please please please do some investigating to make sure!  It can be a sensitive subject, so best to peek into her wardrobe or lingerie chest and see if you can be certain.  (Heads up: You may find multiple sizes!  Consider that she may be in between 2 sizes, or that she may stuff old ill-fitting lingerie in the back of her drawer.)  With lounge wear (robes, slips, babydolls, etc.), I generally recommend sizing up if you're unsure.  Lounge wear isn't meant to be restrictive or tight, so better to have more fabric to work with than less.

Bonus points:  If she's sensitive about her size, try buying something that doesn't have a size tag like a lace eye mask or a ruffly garter.  She'll feel just as pampered, but without the headache.

Why not go custom for the full experience?  The ultimate safe option is to indulge her in a fully custom experience.  Whether you'd like to bring her our Manhattan showroom to choose her own selections (email us for details), or whether you'd just like to customize a slip to accommodate a small bustline and medium sized hips...  We can make it happen!

Garment Types

Now that we've worked out the size concerns... Do you know yet what you actually want to buy her?  Or rather, to rephrase, do you know what the options are?  Most people, when thinking of lingerie, consider bras and panties.  But what about waist cinchers and garter belts and rompers and half slips?!

This cute image from Fashion Infographics sums up the basics - but believe it or not, there's more!

The best indicator of what you should get for her is this:  Peek in her wardrobe.  It may sound dull to buy her a slip when she already has several, but consider this...  If she doesn't own any bodysuits, it might be because she doesn't want one!  After you buy intimates for her the first few times, she may be ready to venture forth into new and uncharted lingerie territory...  But until then, I recommend sticking to the safe zone.

If the list of possibilities is still intimidating to you, then try not to worry about the language.  Having the glossary in mind is great, but it's not everything!  If this stresses you out, try just browsing through the Online Boutique site and see if any of the images jump out at you.  That's every bit as valid a method of searching.


What is your lady's personal style?  Do you find that she's particularly adventurous or interested in branching out a lot?  If not, you may want to stick with the basics of solid colored robes and simple mesh lingerie sets.  If you think she might be ready for something a little more unique, corsets and garters and strappy sexy options are all available to you - but consider easing her into those ideas. 

Remember, this is a gift for her, not for you.  If she doesn't feel beautiful and confident in the clothes, she probably won't wear them at all.  So please don't try to surprise your full-coverage-brief wearing girlfriend with a strappy microscopic g-string!  If she's ready for more daring styles, you'll know it!

When it comes to color, if you have no idea of her personal preferences, the safest choice is black. Nearly all women own some black lingerie, so she's likely to be able to mix and match your purchase into her regular wardrobe.  Additionally, black is universally flattering on all body types, skin tones, ages, etc, so it's a guaranteed good bet!  Are you ready to move past the black lingerie world?  Again I'll recommend peeking into her wardrobe to see if she tends to be interested in pastels, brights, warm or cool tones, etc.

Still lost?

It's okay if you're still confused or unsure.  We get that a lot, too!  Sometimes even the best intentions still need an extra boost, so worry not, we have gift certificates!

Whether you'd like to spend $50 or $500, we have the certificate for you.  So why not relax and let her do the shopping herself.  After all, she probably enjoys it a lot more than you do - and then she will be guaranteed to pick something she will wear again and again and again.  Shop Angela Friedman gift certificates here!

I hope this guide has helped make sense of this crazy world of lingerie for you!  If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at and we'll make sure to get back to you within 48 hours.

Wishing you silk, lace, and all things lovely!

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