Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Muse Collection

Autumn is nearly upon us - or at least it's really starting to feel like it here in New York!  With that comes the release of our newest collection, The Muse Collection.

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(Photos by Lydia Hudgens.)

So what exactly does it mean to be a Muse?  The inspiration for the collection comes from just that idea.  I started designing with this quote in mind, by Hesiod describing the nine Muses of antiquity:  "Nine daughters, all of one mind, whose hearts are  set upon song and their spirits free from care."

I believe that lingerie should be a window to your imagination, and that it should make you feel carefree and relaxed.  In designing this collection, I felt rather inspired by the very idea of inspiration and of what strikes a person to want to create something.  The Muse Collection encourages women to indulge in a world of imagination and intrigue.  I want women to feel invited to join the alluring muses of poetry, dance, theater, and music...  After all, these muses just may lead you to find your inner creator, your intuitive side, or simply a quiet afternoon spent reading a good book in your favorite silk robe!

When all's said and done, the 10th Muse may just be the modern woman.  With her confidence, sharp intellect, discerning tastes, and the ability to overcome and achieve just about anything, the modern woman most certainly is an inspiration!

The new collection features a feminine color palette of pinks, purples, and black.  Its fabrics are the softest of stretch silks, bias-cut draped pieces, and daring sheer mesh, trimmed in the most delicate of French laces.  Add a touch of girly frills like netting ruffles and a modern racerback neckline or two, and you've discovered The Muse Collection!

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