Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday gift guide

One of my favorite parts of my job is helping folks to find the perfect lingerie for the occasion.  Sometimes it's a client buying an anniversary gift for his wife, sometimes best friends buying birthday presents for each other... and sometimes a lady just needs to treat herself!

This holiday season, let go of the worries and hassle, and let us help you choose the perfect gift.  We have offerings for all different lingerie "personalities" and a range of sizes and colors to match!  So which type of lady are you shopping for?

The Bright Light is always cheerful, eternally optimistic, and has a colorful wardrobe to match!  She's a social butterfly and collects funny stories (and people!) whenever possible.  This is the woman who really shines during the holiday season, feeding on the energy of the parties and soirees.  For the Bright Light, consider a multiple piece gift set, deep and rich colors, and shimmery layered textures.

To shop this group:  1) Natalie longline bralette and high-waisted panty.  2) Eloise romper.  3/4/5) Natalie bralette, garter belt, and panties.  6) 3 silk panty gift set.  7) Faye corset.

The Fanciful Lady may appear to have her head in the clouds, but she is exceptionally well put-together.! She's nostalgic for the years-gone-by, loves a frilly party dress, and has a soft spot for flickering old silent films.  Her wardrobe tends toward a muted palette of feminine hues and fluttery details.  For the Fanciful Lady, consider garments with ruffles and lace, dreamy bows, and vintage undertones.

 To shop this group:  1) Adrienne panties.  2) Eloise ruffled panties.  3) Emilie romper.  4) Orchid waspie corset.  5) Musette chemise.

The Gentle One is soft-spoken and chooses her words carefully, but she has that uncanny ability to leave you speechless as well!  She may not always tell you exactly what she wants- but if you tune into the subtleties of her expressions, you'll just know.  For the Gentle One, consider a palette of soft neutral tones, accessories that can be paired with any ensemble, and soft flowing fabrics that glide like water over her curves.

To shop this group:  1) Evelyn corset.  2) Thalia waspie corset.  3) Clair de Lune robe.  4) Emilie robe.  5) Ruffled sleep mask.

The Mystique is the lady who always keeps you on your toes.  She's exciting, glamorous, and has that certain je ne sais quoi that you just can't seem to put your finger on.  She is always looking for the next great adventure, and if you play your cards right, you just might be it!  For the Mystique, try a dark and moody feel with luxurious silk satins and a touch of sheer mesh.  After all, this daring enigma is not afraid to show a little skin!

To shop this group:  1) Evelyn bodysuit.  2) Sleep mask and panty gift set.  3) Lavinia slip.  4) Camille bedjacket.  5)  Natalie bralette.   6) Natalie panties.

The Strong and Bold woman is likely the easiest to shop for.  Why?  Because she's probably already told you everything she wants!  She's a woman of impeccable taste (and not afraid to share her opinions!), and you just can't help but love her direct attitude.  She has a fierce will, a passionate heart, and a way with words that makes you want to give her the moon!  For the Strong and Bold woman, always go big!  She's best suited to matched coordinates, preferring lustrous fabrics and statement pieces over little details.  After all, this is the woman who always sees the bigger picture.

To shop this group: 1) Lavinia gown.  2) Clair de Lune corset.  3) Clair de Lune robe.  4) Laurel slip.  5) Musette robe.

I hope these lingerie ideas help to make your holiday shopping just a bit less stressful!  When in doubt, take a peek in her top drawer for an idea of the size and style she might prefer.  Either way, with an Angela Friedman box waiting for her, she's bound to be thrilled!  Happy Holidays, everyone.

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