Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Oscar Waistlines, and the Little Secret Their Dresses Share

Did you see some of the fabulous dresses gracing the Red Carpet of the Oscar's this year?  There were a few that made us gasp, especially those blush pink ones!  The coloring was perfection, the tailoring stunning and those waistlines…  Need I say more?  

The unanimous favorite over here in the studio was Zoe Saldana's stunning classic and sexy gown.  And did you notice Oprah's gorgeous Marlene Dietrich-esque hand-fluted chiffon beauty?  Please tell me you found it just as stunning (and flattering!) as we did. 

Do you want to hear a little secret to what it takes to make those dresses so flattering, and those waistlines so perfect?  Corsets!  Yes, that thing of beauty that we know and love and have so much fun sharing with you each season (keep an eye out for what's coming with next week's S/S 2015 unveiling…  I think it just might match these gowns perfectly!)  The secret to these dresses and so many of the other gorgeous dresses that paraded down the Red Carpet on Sunday evening is that they have corsets built right into them, hidden under the bodice, cinching those waists in tight, and showing off all the right curves at all the right places.  

Oprah Winfrey in Vera Wang | Jennifer Aniston in Versace | Kerry Washington in Miu Miu | Zoe Saldana in custom Atelier Versace

While corsets may not be part of everyday fashion, like they were for so many generations before us, they are also still incredibly useful and definitely not an outdated garment.  A well made corset will build you up in the right spots, slim you in the important areas, and hold you up right for a perfect, graceful posture and an evening of glam and beauty.

What's your favorite way to wear yours?

xoxo, Katherine  

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