Saturday, April 4, 2015

Innerwear as outerwear... and puppy love!

Last week we teamed up with photographer Kristen Blush to explore the idea of innerwear-as-outerwear in the newly temperate spring weather.  We wanted to show different fun ways to layer intimates into workable springtime outfits that are fashion-forward and reflect our love for silk and lace.  Our friend Allie (Odette Coquette, fabulous burlesque performer and model) joined in to model some of these versatile designs.

But as we began planning the shoot... someone else came along for the ride!  Meet Chase, an adorable (and adoptable) little terrier mix who was full of energy and excitement for a chance to star in his own photo shoot with a beautiful girl.  (It didn't take much convincing!)

 For Chase and Allie, it was sweet and instantaneous puppy love, and we spent the whole afternoon prancing around the park together.  Chase is only about a year old, and nearly done growing, but he has so much personality for a little guy!  He's currently living in a foster home, but he's looking for a special someone to give him a forever home.  What better way to help Chase find a home than to showcase him in a photo shoot on a beautiful spring day in NYC?

If you would like to help us find that special forever home, please share our photos and his story!  And better yet, if you would like consider adopting Chase or another pooch in NYC, you can contact his rescue organization Bully Project on their Facebook Page or via email at  (Also, a special thank you and shout-out to Alexis at Zen Dog, who is the dog trainer who's been working with Chase and helped coordinate our adventures!)

Wishing you silk, lace, and all kinds of four-legged love,

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