Sunday, May 31, 2015

Introducing... Fairytales by Angela Friedman!

I'm so excited to share our newly-hatched plan to take over the world with ruffled knickers!  We've been working on a bit of a secret project lately, and I hope it will help bring more frouf and frill into your everyday existence.  Let's just admit it, we could all use more daydreaming, princess fantasies, and pink ruffles in our lives!

Introducing Fairytales by Angela Friedman!  It's our new diffusion line, only available online in stock colors and ready-to-wear sizes (XS - XL).  We're still manufacturing 100% in the USA, and we're still producing the same great quality you've come to know and love.  We're just adding a bit more sugar and a lot more ruffle into our work, so everybody wins!

I wanted to create a diffusion like to help make our lingerie more accessible to a wider audience.   (Everything is under $80, with most styles under $50!) We've used a durable but whisper-soft nylon fabric that creates luxurious ruffles in a sugar-sweet pastel color palette.  We have leg ruffles, bum ruffles, side ruffles, and bra ruffles.  We have hearts and hearts and more hearts with hearts on top.   And of course we have everything in pink because we are all princesses and you should be, too.  You're never too old to play dress-up, so why not start with some fabulous knickers?

What do you think of the new line?  Are you feeling inspired by our sugar-sweet and frilly designs?  Which fairytale do these styles remind you of?  Don't forget to pop over to the shop and pick up a froufy little number (or two!) for yourself!

Wishing you silk, lace, and all things frilly and lovely,

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